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When Ballet and Bharathanatyam Converge

TOUCH is a new dance work that delves into the minds of two South Asian artists- Sheena Chundee and Deepa P Mani with similar cultural backgrounds but who pursued different art forms – Ballet & Bharathanatyam.

TOUCH demonstrates the potential to represent and promote diversity, community, multiculturalism and advocates social change. It addresses social issues, challenge stereotypes, and promotes equality and justice. Through dance this work shows how people can honor their roots, express their unique identities, and educate others about their customs and traditions.

The project is seeking to raise funds for rehearsals & performances of TOUCH at Melbourne Fringe Festival in October 2023 , Melbourne, and 2024 (metro and regional tour across Victoria, Australia). By supporting TOUCH, you will help to create an impact on the world of art and culture and lead the way as an organisation who believes that diversity and inclusivity are essential for fostering creativity, innovation, peace and harmony.

The donations will be used in the following manner:

  • Creative Development 

  • Artist Fees

  • Studio Hire 

  • Dramaturgy 

  • Marketing 

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