Class Schedule & Attire


  • Beginners

    • Kids (6 -14 years)

    • Adults

  • Intermediate (12+ to Pre -Arangetram)

  • Advanced (Post Arangetram & beyond)



Available for intermediate and advanced students only



For intermediate and advanced students only ( as it requires a Classical  Art form as  a pre-requisite)

Term 2 begins  Apr 28th - June 26th, 2022

Term 3 begins July 14th - Sept 18th, 2022

Beginners and Intermediate kids will wear White Tunic top – half sleeves and black tights with a sash (dupatta) around their waist. During winter months, students are encouraged to wear black / dark blue long sleeves top under their tunic to keep them warm.

Intermediate students preparing for their graduation can transition into the advanced dance (Practice Saree) attire.

Advanced Students must wear the Practice saree costume with black tights.

All Students are requested to wear a simple red “Bhindi” for their classes. No accessories including watches and jewellery (except a simple earring -stud) are allowed. We encourage all students to neatly pin their hair to stop them from any distraction.