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All training for Bharathanatyam students will begin with a warm-up and warm-down consisting of basic stretching and strengthening exercises.


Beginners will commence their training starting from “Adavus” which are basic units of Bharatanatyam. Students will continue to learn the stages of “Adavus” as well as basic repertoire items thereby strengthening the fundamentals.


Beginners will also spend time learning the theory of the art form which includes “Mudras” gestures and related vocabulary. The theory will help in better understanding the repertoire items through their learning journey.

​ Intermediate students will work on refining their fundamentals and move towards learning compositions. Students in this curriculum will focus mainly on balancing and mastering the Nritta (movements) and Nritya (expression) components. Theory will also be extended to this group to ensure students are well aware of the vocabulary.

Advanced students will continue to refine their skills by learning complex repertoire pieces and dive into the contemporary art form to experience a different artistic expression.


“Arangetram” or graduation is traditionally attained after 8-9 years of training. Chandralaya will work with students wanting to graduate and collaboratively develop a training plan to to ensure student is equipped with all techniques to attain graduation.


All students will get an opportunity to showcase their skills learnt during the year in the Chandralaya annual function which will be held every year

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