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Melbourne Adavu Meetups

adults Bharathanatyam

Melbourne Adavu Meetup is a platform to bring Indian classical dancers together to share their love of dance. Regardless of the style and/or proficiency in Bharathanatyam, the intention of the Adavu meet up is to come together to practice and experiment with Adavus (basic steps in Bharathanatyam), meet like-minded dancers, explore a new dimension to dance by collaboration. This is a perfect place for Dancers who would like to;

  •  keep fit, improve their stamina and techniques 

  •  experiment adavu variations, meet new people, and embrace your heritage or

  •  simply want a space to get back into dancing and help build confidence

Registration is essential, please click below to register your interest and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Meetup Testimonials

"For someone who loves dancing and wanted to get back to Bharathanatyam, this was exactly the platform that I was looking for! This meetup helped me brush through all the basic adavus of Bharathanatyam and rebuild that strong foundation. The warmups, breathing exercises at the start of the session, and the cooldown stretches at the end really help in building the stamina required and structure our practice at home. The best part is we get to meet people at different stages of learning and who equally love this art form and so there is no better way of being inspired! I would recommend adavu meetup for anyone who is just looking for a chance to get back into Bharathanatyam or even to build your stamina!"

-Vysakha Radhakrishnan, Dentist, Bharathanatyam Dancer


“I have really enjoyed the Adavu meet-ups. After so many years of not doing Bharathanatyam, it is a wonderful opportunity to go through the movements, that I seem to have deep muscle

memory of and enjoy the physical expression of this amazing dance tradition. The class is well structured with the stretches and traditional warm-up. I like the systematic progression through the adavu series. It brings strength, rigor, and stamina. It's a very inclusive class, very friendly tone, warm and welcoming. For me, it brings back so many really special memories of my classes in Chennai and the absolute immersion in Bharathanatyam that was my life at that time”
- Karen Coffield, Bharathanatyam Dancer



As a newbie to the amazing world of Bharathanatyam, I have found the Adavu meet-ups run by to be very useful. As a mum of 2 kids, I find it quite challenging to take time out of my busy schedule to practice, but with Adavu meet-ups I always know I get the much-needed window where I can forget everything and give in to learning and practicing this amazing art form. Attending the meetups has helped me build my stamina and core strength as it's a great workout!  It not only gives me a chance to practice the adavus I learn as part of my weekly lessons but also has been a great opportunity to meet other dancers, some new to the art form like me and other more experienced dancers looking to revive their skills and learn a new routine or two! "

                                                       - Shwetha Subravathi, IT Professional, Bharathanatyam Dancer


"A few weeks into the classes, I joined Adavu meetups to improve my dance technique. I found the Adavu meetups to be fantastic as they have given me a good grounding in the techniques and helped me in building core strength and stamina.  In the beginning, I could hardly do the Adavus for two minutes at a stretch.  After attending the Adavu meetups for a few weeks, I can do the Adavus for ten minutes at a stretch, which is very admirable and rewarding.  These meetups have also accelerated my learning.  I would highly recommend them to new as well as experienced dancers."

                                                    -Sunita Kadambi, Music Teacher, Bharathanatyam Dancer


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