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Benefits of music, art and dance for toddlers and preschoolers with Kiddipedia

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

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While growing up, I have always wondered why people ask, “Why do you like to dance?” As a novice dancer then, I did not know what to say other than that I enjoyed it and made me feel good. But now, if I am asked the same question, I can come up with twenty reasons.

There are some key benefits to learning some form of Art, especially for kids and young adults. It can be anything from painting, learning instruments, or classical Ballet to Salsa, Jazz, or Bollywood… we are lucky to have so many choices these days. When young children learn art, they not only learn about artistic expression but some core life skills.

It heightens their mental ability and cognitive thinking.

Music and Dance are all about absorbing, retaining, and executing information. These three when done in a cyclic motion improve mental dexterity (great memory) helping children absorb, hold information better and think on their feet (pun intended). Research indicates that active participation in the Arts can enhance social connectedness, emotional development, and mental and physical wellbeing. All these functions working together improve their brain’s overall cognitive ability.


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