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At Chandralaya, we bring the classical Indian dance to Melbourne both in its purest and contemporary forms. We strive to nurture and develop the inherent artistic interests of each student, giving them a friendly environment to dance, express and be inspired...

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Class venue: 21 Patterson Road,Bentleigh - 3204

Classical dancer, Deepa Mani Artistic Director, Bharatanatyam Dancer, Chandralaya

About Chandralaya

Traditional, Contemporary & More


From Beginner to Advanced


Our Training ethos & style

adults Bharathanatyam

About Deepa

Deepa Mani, Artistic Director

Deepa P Mani has distinguished herself as a talented and versatile dancer in both Classical Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance.


With thirty plus (30+) years of training and experience, Deepa is a consummate dancer with acclaimed performances in India, United States and Australia.

Dance Styles

Classical - Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is poetry in motion. It is the traditional and stylised dance form hailing from the southern state in India - TamilNadu. One of the oldest of all classical dance forms, Bharatanatyam is highly known for its grace, purity, statuesque and sculpturesque poses. The dance form uses very intricate techniques requiring many years of practise to master. It brings every muscle in the body into use and is divided into two primary elements Nritta (body movements) and Nritya (expressions) forming what is known as Natya.


Contemporary Dance is a break from the traditional, extending and challenging the boundaries of the classical dance form. Contemporary dance encourages creativity, reflects our times and combines several kinds of forms from Bharatanatyam to Jazz to Ballet into music, imagery and fashion. The artist performing contemporary will typically be trained and skilled in one or more of the classical dance forms and will build on the vocabulary of movements and create their own style and purpose.

Classical / Contemporary - Bridging

 The Bridging form mostly uses pure Bharathanatyam techniques but presents the dances in a Contemporary format with modern visual vibes. These dances are known  as “bridging dances’.



Contact Us

Chandralaya School of Dance
 ABN: 47798953737

0466 616 330

Deepa Mani

21 Patterson Road, Bentleigh, Vic- 3204

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